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TTC-West, Working together for a brighter tomorrow.


About TTC-West

We are TTC-West, originally founded by a group of like-minded spirits who foresaw remarkeable oppurtunity. Where others failed, Their vision is what eventually brought us synergetic best-of-breed communities.

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    Synergetic Communities

    these communities are the pioneers of our modern civilization.

What our employees say

A word from our employees.


Direct Integration Specialist

Working at TTC-West is more than just a job. It's a chance, to be part of humanity's largest, leading and most innovating family in human history.

District Communications Director

At TTC-West, I can honestly say that I look forward to working every day and being able to make a difference to my team and business.

District Operations Supervisor

We encourage our employees to work hard and and heed the advice of their superiors, so they too can be forged into humanity's leaders of tomorrow.

District Implementation Facilitator

The friendly interaction between colleagues, short decision-making processes and innovative ideas make it "addictive" to contribute to the company's success."

Central Recruitment Officer

The employees of TTC-West are carefully selected from among thousands of candidates.

District Security Supervisor

I feel very much at home at TTC-West, because here I have the opportunity to make use of my strengths and develop them further.

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